BOSCH Fire Alarm Sounder

bosch fire alarm sounder jakarta indonesia

FNM-320-SRD Sounder, Surface-mount, Red
FNM-320-LED-SRD Sounder with LED, Surface-mount, Red

Maximum volume of 112 dB(A)
Compact, robust, and maintenance-free
Suitable for adverse environmental conditions
Available as combined solution sounder with integrated LED
Available in versions for surface- and flush-mount feed cables

Operating voltage 9 V DC to 30 V DC
Max. current consumption  
FNM-320-SRD /-FRD/-SWH/-FWH 33 mA
FNM-320-LEDSRD 36 mA
Monitoring Reverse polarity
Dimensions (W x H)  
FNM-320-FWH/-FRD Ø 93 mm x 63 mm
FNM-320-SWH/-SRD Ø 93 mm x 91 mm
FNM-320-LEDSRD Ø 93 mm x 107 mm
FNM-320-SWH/-SRD FWH/-FRD 250 g
FNM-320-LEDSRD 300 g
Housing material ABS V0, PC
Color Red, RAL 3001White, RAL 9010

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