DVR Standalone H.264 Networking DIVAR AN 5000 series

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BOSCH DVR-5000-16A000

BOSCH DIVAR AN 5000 is a family of 4/8/16 channel digital recorders that use the latest 960H highresolution video technology and state-of-the-art compression techniques. These advanced technologies, coupled with efficient network data transmission, deliver the high security and reliability required for modern surveillance systems. Simultaneous remote or local monitoring, recording, archive and playback are guided by simple menu selections and operator commands. The recorders are available with a number of storage capacities, and a built-in DVD burner can be specified.

Audio Inputs 4-ch RCA (for 4/8/16 channel), 200 to
3000 mV, 10 kOhm (RCA)
Output Mono RCA, 200 to 3000 mV, 5 kOhm (RCA)
MIC input Mono talk input RCA, 200 to 3000 mV,
10 kOhm (RCA)
Compression G.711A
Sample rate 8 kHz per channel
Bit rate 8-bit
RS485 PTZ control port
Output signals according to RS485, max.
signal voltage -5 to +5 V
RS232 PTZ control port interface
Output signals according to EIA/TIA-232-F,
max input voltage ±10 V
Supported protocols Pelco P and D (over RS-485)
Bosch OSRD (over RS-485 or RS-232)

Inputs 16 inputs configurable NO/NC, max. input
voltage 5 VDC
Outputs 5 relay outputs, configurable NO/NC, plus
one controllable 12 VDC port
Relay Max. rated, 30 VDC, 2 A continuous or
125 VAC, 1 A (activated)
Video inputs 4, 8 or 16 BNC
Video outputs (loop
4 or 8 BNC (for 4 and 8 channel units)
1 x 25-pin D-type for 16 channel unit
(connector cable supplied)
Monitor outputs 1 VGA D-SUB
2 channel BNC (CVBS)
Alarm inputs 16 screw terminal inputs, cable diameter
AWG26‑16 (0.13–1.5 mm)
Alarm outputs 5 screw terminal outputs, cable diameter
AWG26‑16 (0.13–1.5 mm)
1 controllable 12 VDC screw terminal output
Audio inputs 4 RCA
Audio outputs 1 RCA
Audio bidirectional
1 RCA for talk input or output

Ethernet RJ45, 10/100/1000Base-T according to
Intuikey keyboard
(KBD Digital or
KBD Universal)
Conforms to RS485, max. signal voltage
±12 V, power supply to keyboard 11 to
12.6 VDC at max. 400 mA
RS485 Screw terminal output
RS232 DB9 male, 9-pin D-connector
e-SATA e-SATA connector for backup device
USB 2.0 One front and one rear USB connector for
mouse or USB memory device
+12 VDC External power input
Video recording
Speed Max. 30 IPS per channel (NTSC),
Max. 25 IPS per channel (PAL), configurable
Mode Manual, motion detection, scheduled, alarm

Network control
View alarm External, motion detection, system alarms
and video loss
Audio Bidirectional (audio input and output
connected via device)
PC software Bosch Video Client
Multi-channel Simultaneous 1/4/9/16 channels
Mode Frame-by-frame, slow play, fast play,
Search Time, channel, type, smart
Network Bosch Video Client or Web Client software
Alarm Handling
Motion detection Detection zones: 396 (PAL) / 330 (NTSC)
Video loss External alarm and screen prompt
Internal 4 SATA HDD or 2 HDD + 1 DVD (R/RW)
Max. capacity per HDD: 3 TB
Max. supported speed per HDD: 6 Gb/s
External e-SATA connection:
Max. 4 HDD
Max. capacity per HDD: 3 TB
Max. supported speed per HDD: 6 Gb/s
DVD (optional, with code 16A001) Built-in DVD+R/RW writer.

• Warranty 1 year

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