AVTECH IP Camera Matrix HDM02

ip camera avtech matrix hdm02

Combined display of up to 4 HDMI sources
Variable display modes
Diagnostic LED indicators for troubleshooting

AVTECH IP Camera Matrix HDM02 is the perfect way to get ultimate flexibility and integration out of your surveillance system. You can plug up to four HDMI sources (e.g., NVR or DVR) and USB controls into the Matrix for single output display and control. Also, HDM02 enables you to combine AVX916R with the BNC port, which transfers coaxial signals (up to 70m) to HDMI signals, to duplicate local display to remote site for independently controlling each source device.

Combined display of HDMI sources
HDMI Matrix is able to combine HDMI sources to single HDMI display with control. To have one more display with control, an optional HD video extender, AVX916R, could be used.

Variable Monitor Display
Quad / full / sequence mode can be switched by mouse to display.

Input HDMI port: 4 USB port: 1 (Mouse in)
Output HDMI port: 1 USB port: 4(Mouse signal out)
HDMI YUV Input: 4:2:2 16bit Output: 4:2:2 16bit
BNC SDI (With Mouse Control)
Resolution HDMI - Video: 1080P/60fps(only) - Audio: 48Khz SDI: 1080P/60fps
Maximum length HDMI cable: 3M SDI Cable: 70M/RG6 USB cable: 3M
LED Indications YES
Power Supply (±10%) 12V
Version of HDMI specification HDMI1.4
HDMI Plug-and-Play Support YES
Operating Temperature 0°C ~40°C (50°F~104°F)
OSD sequence configuration YES
Monitor Display Quad / Full Screen
HDMI video output resolution error display YES

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