Car Keys Spy Camera 4Gb (remote mobil)

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In the world of espionage, you never know when you’ll end up requiring the ability to record video in stealth.
Hiding a camera in a household object like an alarm clock or painting is effective.
So if you’re looking for a portable spying product that no one would suspect, check out the car keys micro camera (portable).
Not only does the car keys micro camera works as a USB drive with 4GB of memory, it also records video and audio.
with the video res at 640×480 - just enough to catch someone in the act.

• Dimension: 50 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm
• Diameter lensa 1 mm (Pinhole Lens)
• Resolution: 640 × 480
• Memory internal 4 GB version which can record up to 4 hours of video with audio
• Power is the built-in lithium-ion battery
• Hasil rekaman sudah langsung berformat AVI
• Car Keys Spy Camera ini juga dpt berfungsi sbg USB Drive/Flashdisk
• Harga sudah termasuk charger
• Warranty 3 months

Package contents:
• Car keys micro camera
• Key chain
• Charger
• USB Cable

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